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Employment Law is complex, costly when you get it wrong and can easily distract you from what’s important; growing your business. Our experts can handle everything for you quickly and effectively with our value for money solutions.

Employment Law and HR Support

Employment Law impacts every step of the employee journey from recruitment through to employees leaving your business and with so many areas to cover, navigating the ever changing sea of legislation is difficult and often seems impossible. Fairways makes sure you make the right, informed decisions at the right time.

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Staying abreast of ever changing UK employment law is an onerous task for most businesses.  When your business is acquiring new talent, managing existing employees or tackling sensitive issues such as absence or performance management, redundancy or TUPE transfers, employment legislation and the regulatory framework should be your number one priority.

Fairways has unrivalled in house HR and employment law expertise meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that your business is protected from unwanted and costly litigation.

With a friendly team, rapid response times and a wealth of experience Fairways should be your partner of choice. Our 100% success rate at employment tribunals is testament to the high quality service our clients enjoy. Information about recent cases can be found in news.