Ring the New Year with a Job Interview

New Year - New JOB

Starting a new year means thinking about new year resolutions.  This is also the time of year when we start to think of:

  • new career options or simply a new job; or
  • that important first job; and
  • of course the job interview.

There is no better time than the present to start this new journey.  This is of course the easy part, as finding that pearl is becoming more difficult, in a world where recruitment is ever changing.

Choosing the right career can often be difficult as can changing careers.  Having a defined career path will help steer you in the right direction.  With some self-reflection, hard work and planning, you can prepare yourself for a journey towards a successful interview and a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Don’t jump headlong into the first job vacancy you see.  Take time to consider what it is you really want to do whilst remembering the skills and attributes you already have and can utilise to your best advantage.

Everyone wants to present the best possible CV to prospective employers.   Some people looking for new jobs are often confused with what is or is not acceptable.  There are a number of ways in which to create your CV or update your current one including help from the professional recruitment team at Fairways.  Although you may be tempted to use an on-line CV builder, you will have a higher quality document if you prepare and design your own instead of taking the one size fits all solution.  Your CV is the one document promoting you as a commodity long before a prospective employer meets with you and you get your chance to shine.  Remember employers expect a perfect CV without errors otherwise your CV will go nowhere and neither will you.  They also expect the truth therefore provide factual information – no lies!

Social media has become an every-day part of life so ensure your on-line profile and personal branding will not  cause embarrassment and leave you in the rejected pile.  The use of social media can be extremely positive therefore ensure your profile is current and friendly.  A good way to be recognised is by blogging, writing opinion pieces or being active in on-line forums/groups.

You now have the perfect CV, personal branding has been perfected through social media and you have secured that all important interview.  For some, the panic begins to set in.  Seek comfort from our interview tips.

Research the company – find out about its reputation, size, products, services, philosophy and culture.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare – based on your research prepare several questions that you want to ask at interview.  Take the questions with you in case your head goes through a momentary blank phase.

Interview Etiquette


  • Ensure you have researched the organisation prior to interview – you never know what you will be asked!
  • Arrive at a job interview appropriately dressed – dress to impress but remember to take account of the company culture.  After all, first impressions are important
  • Ensure you maintain eye contact with all interviewers
  • Answer the questions you were asked and not what you hoped would be asked of you
  • Answer questions in a clear and succinct manner
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in the job
  • Ask questions to find out if this employer is the right employer for you
  • Ensure any possible referees have been contacted in advance, out of courtesy
  • Send a short letter to the interviewer thanking him/or her for their time and considering you for the position.


  • EVER criticise or complain about a previous employer or supervisor
  • Fidget, play with your mobile, chew gum or attempt to smoke a cigarette
  • Slouch or appear inattentive and disinterested
  • Mumble or ramble on unnecessarily
  • EVER lie on your CV – you will get caught out!
  • Discuss salaries or holiday entitlement, you should wait until the interviewer raises this issue.