Preparing Your CV for new Jobs and Careers

Preparing Your CV For That New Job

As we approach the end of the year, many thoughts are moving towards a new year, new jobs and of course an updated CV.  When seeking a new role, preparing your CV becomes a critical part of the process as almost all employers will ask you for a CV.  If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail  so let’s see what fairways can do when it comes to preparing your CV.

At Fairways, we know all about big changes such moving home, changing jobs or career.  Perhaps you recently lost your job or you are ready to take a leap into the unknown to secure that dream job you have always longed for and that’s why we can help you with your job search to find the job of your dreams. There are great jobs to be found.  You must be in a position to know what position to apply for and how best to market yourself as the best person for the role.

Employers will naturally expect job seekers to be interested in the jobs.  Lack of enthusiasm, generic cover letters, no recollection of the job, all lead prospective employers to think you just want a job but not their job.  They will not waste valuable time on someone not committed to their company or vacancy.

Everyone wants to present the best possible CV to prospective employers.  However a large number of people don’t get this important document correct.  Your CV is the one document that promotes you as a serious commodity to an employer.  Preparing your CV well is fundamental to your search for work.  This is where prospective employers will gain their first impression of you.  Prospective employers will make a judgment in less than a minute!  Miss this opportunity, then your CV will reach the ‘junk’ bin and no serious job hunter wants this to happen to them.

So what can YOU do to stand out from the crowd and ensure you are the chosen one by a prospective employer?

How to get that important job interview.

Your CV must immediately show how and why you should be considered by a prospective employer.  Crucially it should make an employer want to know more about you.

This is the basis as to building and preparing your CV.  The most difficult feature is the writing up of your CV.  So, you need to show that you are indeed the best person for the position.

So, you have seen your dream job and wish to apply.  You must tailor your CV to a particular position.  If it is too generic, the hiring organisation will not consider you.  Be realistic and ensure you list relevant qualifications, experience and skills that  match your dream job.

The first page of your CV must capture the interest of the prospective employer or recruiting agency and make them want to read and know more about you.  Start with an introductory paragraph that summarises:

  • your skills and qualities; and
  • what you have to offer the employing organisation.

You need to demonstrate how and in what way you are a great benefit to a prospective employer.  Don’t forget to concentrate on your key strengths.  All information provided must be relevant to the job you are applying for.  Remember to include a cover letter outlining why you are the best person for the position.

Key steps to include in your CV:

  • a brief summary outlining your skills
  • personal details – this tells the employer basic information about you
  • a chronological list of your qualifications
  • a brief outline of responsibilities/duties for each of your previous roles
  • key achievements attained with each employer


  • you will be caught out if you tell lies on your CV
  • explain any gaps in your employment history
  • keep sentences short and to the point – about 15 words is ideal
  • don’t include claims about hobbies and interests you do not have
  • check and check again for any spelling mistakes
  • don’t have more than 2 pages of information on your CV if at all possible

If you would prefer professional help to write your CV, either register on line at www.fairways-uk.com or call us on 01738 632561 or 01382 211222 as we would more than happy to assist you in finding your dream job.