New Drug Driving Limits

New Drug Driving Limits and Roadside Testing Implemented

Drug driving limits and roadside testing were introduced in Scotland on Monday 21 October 2019.

What does this include:

  •  a zero-tolerance approach to eight drugs most associated with illegal use; and
  •  a list of other drugs associated with medical use which will have limits based on impairment and risk to road safety.

What does this mean:

  • If you are taking medication in line with your prescription,  you can claim the medical defence to the new offence.  But, you may still be prosecuted under the existing impairment offence.
  • You will be unable to claim the medical defence if your prescription states you should not drive while taking your medication.

For more information refer to  http://www.legislation.gov.uk/sdsi/2019/9780111040478/regulation/2