New ‘Day-One’ Employment Rights from 6 April 2020

New ‘Day-One’ Employment Rights from 6 April 2020

From 6 April 2020, new ‘day-one’ employment rights to be implemented.  Who for?

Additional information must be included in the employment statement too.

Employees who are currently continuously employed for more than one month must be provided with a written statement of terms within two months of employment. This will now change to the first day of employment.

Employers must comply with the new rules from 6 April 2020.  Three key steps are:

  • Prepare a revised statement of particulars ensuring it includes all of the new statutory requirements;
  • Identify who is likely to be classified as a worker.  The new statement will now be issued on DAY ONE of engagement;
  • Having a system in place for issuing these revised contracts to new employees; and
  • Having  a separate statement of particulars to give to your workers.