Need help producing a staff handbook?

Fairways can produce a staff (employee) handbook or manual for your business operation. Our detailed handbooks are individually designed and bespoke to your organisation and contain a range of the key policies that should be in place in all organisations.

We also include anything you consider to be pertinent to your organisation alone including your culture and values. Just as no two organisations are the same; handbooks designed by Fairways are as unique and individual as an organisation.

As a key management tool to assist you in business, a comprehensive and detailed handbook is often one of the first documents given to a new employee.  You can be assured and confident in the knowledge that staff handbooks designed by Fairways are up to date ensuring you remain legally compliant and that ‘best practice’ is followed at all times.

Many organisations fail to follow their legal obligations and may also find that ‘custom and practice’ becomes established which is entirely different to what an employer originally intended simply because there is no staff handbook and or other policies and procedures in place.

Our staff handbooks are designed for ease of use and drafted in such a way that additional information can be included whether this is legislative change or the introduction of a new / revised policy.

Making your handbooks simple and professional throughout, allows you to concentrate on managing your business operation knowing that you are able to focus on clearly set out policies and procedures.

We also remind you when there is a legislative or best practice change.

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