Christmas Parties 2012

With the party spirit and Christmas celebrations all around us, organisations often
find themselves dealing with specific issues at this time of year – the ever jolly Christmas Party   As human resource specialists, we find organisations are being caught out by not having appropriate policies in place.

5 Christmas Party Tips

1.  Plan ahead to ensure you don’t fall into the huge legal mire of discrimination.  Consider who is to be invited – is it all staff or staff and their partners? Don’t forget there may be same sex partners and non-Christian faiths.

2.  ‘Making merry mirth’
– Consider food requirements for the various religions in the workplace and have a variety of options available.

–  Consider whether alcoholic drinks are being provided and if they are then keep this to a minimum to ensure you maintain a duty of care towards your staff during company events. Where there is alcohol, have designated drivers or provide transport for staff to get home safely after the event.

–  Have a limit on the amount of alcohol you as an employer will provide and ensure there is a supply of non-alcoholic drink alternatives to ensure you are not disadvantaging any staff whose religion forbids alcohol.

3. It happens every year and often caused by copious amounts of alcohol is – harassment or inappropriate behaviour.  Employers need to ensure there are clear guidelines and policies in place stating that such behaviour will not be tolerated.  Remember you are still responsible for the actions of your employees.

4. The morning after the night before…..  it is of course better to have a function at the end of the week however not all businesses close at 5.00 pm on Friday so ensure you have policies in place that clearly state you expect staff to be at work the day after a party if this is a working day AND that they are in a fit state to work.

5.  Finally, give yourself some protection and make sure you have appropriate policies in place that your staff are aware of.  These include Equal Opportunities & Diversity and Bullying & Harassment policies.

There is much more, so if you require some assistance give us a call on 01738 632561  and we will help you to implement the right policies for your organisation.