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Employment Appeal Tribunal

New early conciliation not required before amending ET claim The EAT has held that it is not necessary for a claimant to go through the early conciliation process (EC) again in respect of a new claim arising after EC has concluded and an ET1 presented to the tribunal. Parliament intentionally… Read More

Acas publishes new guides on rights for antenatal and adoption appointments and surrogacy

Acas has published a brief guide explaining the rights to time off for antenatal and adoption appointments. It has also published a separate brief guide on surrogacy setting out the rights available to surrogate mothers and intended parents. The Children and Families Act 2014 changed the law, introducing the right… Read More

“Working time” can include time spent travelling to and from home for workers with no fixed workplace

Advocate General Bot has given his opinion in a case before the European Court of Justice that for peripatetic workers (those who are not assigned to a fixed place of work), the time spent travelling from their home to their first assignment, and from their last assignment back to their… Read More

Urgent Update – Holiday Pay Claims

Calculating holiday pay In addition to current legislation, a number of recent court judgments should be considered when calculating holiday pay. This means that the rules employers and workers follow to calculate holiday pay may need to be updated. The introduction of The Deduction from Wages (Limitation) Regulations 2014 means… Read More

Government explains increase in apprenticeship national minimum wage rate

On 18 June 2014, the Low Pay Commission (LPC) was asked to make recommendations on the levels of each national minimum wage (NMW) which it believed should apply from October 2015. The government rejected the LPC recommendations on the apprentice rate, which from 1 October 2015 will be increased to… Read More

Government plans changes to work visas for non-EEA nationals

Government plans changes to work visas for non-EEA nationals The Migration Advisory Committee is considering government proposals to reduce employment of non-EEA migrants in the UK. The proposals include: Restricting work visas to occupations with “genuine skills shortages” or for specialist experts. Imposing a time limit on how long a… Read More

Employee not under implied duty to disclose allegations of misconduct in absence of express term

The EAT has upheld a tribunal’s decision that an employee was not under an express or implied duty to disclose to his employer allegations of sexual misconduct made against him while working elsewhere. The employment contract did contain express terms requiring disclosure of misconduct in certain circumstances either during employment,… Read More

Shared Parental Leave (SPL) 5 April 2015

The new system of shared parental leave will be available to parents of children due to be born or placed for adoption with them on or after 5 April 2015.  This new piece of legislation aims to provide parents with greater flexibility in terms of the time they take off following the birth or… Read More

National Minimum Wage Increase October 2015

National Minimum Wage Increase October 2015 National Minimum Wage: Rates will increase on 1 October 2015 to:   Year 21 and over 18 to 20 Under 18 Apprentice* 2015 (from 1 October) £6.70 £5.30 £3.87 £3.30 2014 (current rate) £6.50 £5.13 £3.79 £2.73   *The rate applies to apprentices aged 16… Read More

New Holiday Ruling 2014

On 4 November 2014, The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) ruled that companies should factor in overtime when calculating holiday pay, a controversial move that has been rebuffed by business leaders but celebrated by workers. The ruling stems from the following three cases: Road maintenance company Bear Scotland v. Fulton; Engineering… Read More