Your temp job questions answered

Temporary and contract work can be a great solution to a busy schedule and modern lifestyle. Find out how it works

Want to find out more about finding your next work placement or permanent position with Fairways? We have put together this handy FAQ to give you all the information you need.

Am I entitled to Holiday pay as a temporary worker?

If you want to take any day (or weeks) as a paid holiday, you will need to contact your Consultant to arrange the days you require and complete a holiday request form.

How does holiday pay work?

In accordance with the Working Time Regulations all workers are entitled to 28 days paid statutory leave per year and pro-rata for part-time workers). The holiday year with Fairways runs from January to December. All accrued holidays must be taken by the end of December. There is no carry over to a subsequent year. Entitlement accrues from day 1 of your employment and is calculated as an average of your basic hourly earnings from the previous 12 weeks. Holidays can only be paid upon request through your Consultant and by completing a holiday request sheet. Holidays will only be approved up to your accrued entitlement.

Will I lose any unclaimed holiday pay?

If you have not booked all accrued holidays before the end of December, you will lose them.

What happens when I leave Fairways?

If you leave a Fairways assignment or an assignment comes to an end, your P45 will be issued as well as any outstanding holiday pay. The only exception to this is when you are immediately transferred to another assignment in which case your holiday entitlement will continue to accrue.

Who do I contact if I am sick and cannot attend a work placement?

You need to contact your consultant at least 1 hour before you are due to start work. We are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is unacceptable to text or phone in after your start time. Text messaging is not accepted at any time.

I recently changed my address and bank account, what should I do?

Contact your Consultant and advise that your details need updating. Home address and Bank details however can only be changed by coming into the office with the revised information or by sending the new details to us in writing.

How do you check if someone can work in the UK?

You can find out by using the interactive on-line tool.