Register for flexible temp jobs in Scotland

Make sure you’re ready for your next temporary work assignment. From the documents you need to getting paid. Everything you need to know.

Finding Temporary and Contract Work with Fairways couldn’t be easier. We take care of everything for you so you can focus on the job at hand. Take a look at our handy FAQs.

How do I register for temporary work through Fairways?

Send your CV to us via our website. One of our consultants will contact you to arrange a meeting. You will be required to show the following original documents – passport or birth certificate or another document that shows your eligibility to work in the UK, click here to find out more information. You will also be asked for an up to date CV, NI number and proof of address.

How much do you charge me for finding me work?

We do not charge candidates any money for finding them work.

How often do I get paid?

You are paid on a weekly basis, in arrears by BACS into your specified bank account on a Friday.

Can I be paid in cash?

We do not have the facility to pay any of our workers cash sums, all payments are processed into a bank or building society of your choice.

I think my pay is incorrect, what do I do?

Contact our office admin@fairways-uk.com and ask them to investigate your query. We will rectify errors ready for your next pay if not before.

I think I’m paying too much Tax, what do I do about this?

Contact our office admin@fairways-uk.com. If necessary, you will be advised to contact your local tax office

What deductions will be taken from my pay and why?

Only Income Tax and National Insurance will be deducted from your pay. This is a legal requirement based on earnings as specified by the Government. Please ask your Consultant if you are unsure.

Why do I need a disclosure to work with some employers?

You can apply for a basic disclosure directly. For example this can be for a new job or to undertake volunteer work. For most other types of regulated work with children or protected adults, the PVG Scheme is now the most appropriate type of check. Regulated work is the term used by the PVG Act to define the types of work which barred individuals must not do, and for which PVG Scheme membership is available. Click here to access more information about the PVG Scheme.