Payroll Services Tailored to Your Business

Payroll Services for Temporary or Permanent Employees

Reduce your operating costs, improve productivity and focus management time on growing your business by letting us take care of Payroll.

  • 1 Accurate Tax Contributions
  • 2 National Insurance Contributions
  • 3 Effective Reporting
  • 4 On Time Payment Every Time

Managing a flexible workforce with a mix of both permanent and temporary staff can make managing your payroll complicated and time consuming. If errors occur in the process this can only add to the time spent getting your people paid correctly.

With years of experience managing the payroll of thousands of employees across multiple industries Fairways have the knowhow and the processes in place to streamline your Payroll activities.

Stop battling with your Payroll and let Fairways streamline your processes, save you time and reduce unnecessary costs in your business. We will take care of everything from making sure your people are paid the correct amount on time to ensuring their tax and NI contributions are accurate and compliant.

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