HR Consultancy

Expert HR Consultancy and Strategy Development

Our range of HR consultancy services will allow you to develop a cost effective strategy and the ability to handle sensitive HR issues such as redundancy, litigation and tribunals.

  • 1 HR Strategy Development
  • 2 Employment Law Advice
  • 3 Redundancies
  • 4 TUPE Transfers
  • 5 Representation at Tribunals
  • 6 Discipline & Grievance Investigations

Our HR Consultancy and Strategy Development Services are designed to your lower your operational costs, make your staff more productive and allow you to focus management time on growing your business.

We will start by offering you a completely complimentary and thorough HR audit. This then allows us to tailor a high quality HR strategy designed specifically for your business. Having this solid HR strategy will result in better working relationships, enhanced communication and robust, compliant processes that will continue to reap ongoing benefits within your organisation.

Trust our experts and rely on Fairways to manage your TUPE transfers, redundancies, settlement agreements and representing you at employment tribunals.  From recruitment to exit, we take care of every people management process from your recruitment strategies all the way through to terminating employment all whilst also saving you time and money.

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  • Ben Strange - London Digital Security Centre
  • Ben Strange

    London Digital Security Centre

  • "From the get-go Fairways made sure they understood the nature and needs of our company; it has been a great relief knowing we have HR covered."